About Carrieton

Today Carrieton is a small, friendly, rural community with a population of 50. Situated in the Flinders Ranges, Carrieton is 300km due north of Adelaide. The Carrieton Community Store is a great place to stock up on groceries and the Carrieton Hotel offers meals (dine-in or take-away) and full bar facilities.

In relation to the surrounding area, Carrieton is 37 km north of Orroroo and 71 km south of Hawker or an hours travelling time due east of Port Augusta. Many people travelling through to the heart of the Flinders Ranges stop in Carrieton to enjoy the beautiful ranges, which offer spectacular views.

The warm local hospitality is a refreshing break from the journey. A town steeped in history and picturesque vistas. Bushwalking on the many trails, and sightseeing is one of the most pleasant ways to enjoy Carrieton.

Yanyarrie Whim – the remains of ‘Yanyarrie Whim’, is a large stone tank with a local slate trough built for watering stock. Yanyarrie Whim later become a significant watering hole for drovers using the north-south route passing through the Carrieton district.

The Horseshoe – The Horseshoe Range features the unusual Moockra Tower rock – The walking track offers spectacular lookouts. The views of the beautiful gum creek country go for miles.

Historic cemeteries – Carrieton, Eurelia, Johnburgh, Hammond, Craddock and Belton Oladdie homestead – was built on the bank of the Oladdie Creek with a well just below the house. Established in 1850

Flora – There is a huge variety of plants in the area. Predominant trees are Eucalyptus (river red gum – mainly in the creek beds), native pine, black oak, quandong (native peach), black mallee and old man saltbush. We do have books available for anyone that would like to study the Carrieton district’s fauna and flora. You can leave your caravan at the new establishment ‘Horseshoe View’; Caravan Park and camping facilities, cottage & budget accommodation.

Information, maps, history books etc. are available at the ‘Horseshoe View’ Office. Contact Details

More points of interest:

  • Moockra Tower
  • Hammond Township
  • Gum creeks
  • Yanyarrie Whim
  • The Horseshoe
  • Oladdie Homestead Ruins
  • Belton township
  • Historic Cemeteries at;
  • Carrieton
  • Eurelia
  • Johnburgh
  • Hammond
  • Yanyarrie
  • Cradock
  • Belton