Carrieton is located on the RM Williams highway and is the perfect place to start your Flinders Ranges adventure. Situated 300kms north of Adelaide, 115kms from Port Augusta and 360kms from Broken Hill it is a great destination to visit as well as being central to all areas of the Flinders Ranges.

Home of the Carrieton Rodeo, a highlight on the Australian Rodeo circuit. The size and success of this event belies the fact that the town consists of only a few dozen residents. Their energy suffuses the place with a pride that visitors can only admire.

Carrieton is situated in the broad valley formed by the 'Oladdie Hills' and 'The Horseshoe Range', an imposing geological feature to the west of the town - named so after its aerial-view's.

Coming into Carrieton visitors will notice the abrupt change of scenery that signals their arrival in the beginnings of the 'Outback'. To the north is Hawker, Wilpena Pound, Blinman, Beltana, Copley, Lyndhurst and Marree. Names and places steeped in history and adventure – with so much to see you will need to stay more than a few days in Carrieton!